About race


What motivates you to go on regular training sessions? What makes you go for a run in the snow when it’s -15 ℃ outside?  What drives you to get up at dawn and go for a bike ride?

Of course, you see the result — you are physically fit, you feel invigorated, but sooner or later you feel the need to challenge yourself and see what you are capable of. This duathlon race will give you a chance to do just that!

After a long winter, we will see each other at the start line of DUATHLON KYIV CUP on April 18 and check if you are physically ready for the sports season of 2021.


Within this race, you will need to:

  • run 5 km;
  • cycle 10 km;
  • run 2.5 km.

This is a sprint duathlon distance, so it is perfect for both amateurs and experienced athletes who wish to check their fitness and get a master workout. 



Start and finish — 1 Rusanivskyi blvd.

The route is mapped along the Dnipro river, so you will have a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of your favorite city.


Please, notice! There is a time limit for this race:

  • a participant is not admitted to the third stage (running 2.5 km) if the participant exceeds the time limit of 1 hour 20 minutes set for the first (running 5 km) and second (cycling) stages;
  • overall time limit — 1 hour 40 minutes.


Entry fee:

Slots Until
64 -
Fee for NGO Entry fee price for members of 1100 UAH 1400 UAH 1700 UAH
Entry fee price 1320 UAH 1680 UAH 2040 UAH

Entry fee covers

  • race bib number with participant’s name — 2 pcs. (for those registered by March 28, 2021);
  • accident insurance that covers participation in sports competitions on the day of the race;
  • plastic backpack — 2 pcs.;
  • access to changing rooms and luggage storage;
  • medical support;
  • participant’s guide;
  • map of the route;
  • official event poster;
  • result capturing electronic chip;
  • food and hydration stations: one on the running stage, one at the finish line;
  • finisher’s medal (presented upon completion of the distance within the set time limit);
  • finisher’s pack: an apple, banana, water, etc.;
  • special offers from our partners.